Saipem awareness campaign

Hand Injuries Prevention Campaign

Every year people suffer injuries at work and statistics show that more than 40% of these involve hands, fingers and arms. Consequently in October 2013, Saipem SA launched a hand injuries prevention campaign titled ‘Keep Your Hands Safe’ to promote awareness and practical knowledge of safety procedures and the correct use of tools. One of the campaign’s primary objectives is the reduction in number and severity of injuries. While launched at Saipem SA Head Office, the campaign has been continuing through all areas managed, with a programme for implementation that covers fabrication yards, vessels and offices over a period of two years.
The campaign has seen strong commitment and cooperation from people with different specialties and from different organisational levels, a veritable network of knowledge sharing that has facilitated the use of internal resources for preparation of programme materials.

The ‘Keep Your Hands Safe’ campaign is based on a series of modules that involve various lines of communication at different levels, depending on the target audience and the results expected. The campaign started with a Management Leadership and Commitment Video, with the participation of Saipem SA Senior Management.

The second phase will involve a safety assessment of equipment, machines and tools used by employees, and of site compliance in terms of personal protective equipment provided to employees.

The third phase will consist of training and increasing the awareness of personnel. The materials used are a new concept for Saipem, as they involve on-the-job training and the use of visual aids that are easy for any worker to understand. The 3D animation videos describe stories of people performing various activities typical of Saipem yards and vessels that have led or have the potential to lead to hand injuries. These include gridding, lifting and rigging, and the use of hand tools, chemical substances, machines or heavy equipment in movement.

All campaign materials have been prepared in English, Portuguese, French, Italian, as per Saipem SA project areas where the campaign is implemented (yards located in Angola, Nigeria, Congo, Brazil, offshore vessels Saipem 3000, Saipem FDS, Saipem FDS 2, Castoro Sette, S355, Bar Protector, Crawler and S230) and Saipem SA Head Office itself.

The official campaign was launched on October 24 at the Saipem SA Paris Head Office by Saipem SA CEO, Deputy CEO and HSE & Sustainability Manager. 350 Saipem SA employees were also present.

Choose Life

The sector in which Saipem operates means that many people spend long periods in countries where it is necessary to address health risks that they were not previously aware of in their own countries. For this reason, Saipem has chosen to invest energy and resources in a new programme called ‘Choose Life’, dedicated to developing the culture of health, which must go hand in hand with that of safety.

The aim is to raise awareness among employees on health issues and to support them in choosing to take greater care in their lifestyles. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the result of an individual choice. However, the Company is committed to promoting the welfare of casual workers on health risks, in the hope of stimulating reflection on the health issue. The programme centres on a workshop lasting around two hours, which includes the showing of ‘Choose Life’, a short film which won multiple awards at the Cannes Film Festival.

The film provokes the viewer to reflect on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and an intelligent approach towards health risk factors. It also provides an opportunity to address sensitive issues such as sexually transmitted diseases, the fight against malaria and bad habits (smoking, poor diet and alcohol abuse). What makes the workshop an effective experience is the fact that the key players are the participants themselves, sharing stories and experiences with the rest of the Group as they reflect together on their own choices and make a strong commitment to change to themselves and others alike, echoing the message outside the Company as well.

The ‘Choose Life’ campaign was launched in San Donato Milanese in May 2013. In a dedicated meeting, top management laid the foundation stones for the establishment of a new ‘Health Vision’, in which core values such as the welfare of the people, disease prevention, and respect and care for themselves and others are affirmed.

Armed with the strong commitment and support of management, the Company started implementing the programme through a team of trainers who initiated the rapid spread of this ‘Health virus’ around the Saipem world. Following the involvement of the offices in Milan and Sardinian Arbatax involved, ‘Choose Life’ was then launched in several other locations overseas.
This commenced in July with the base at Port Harcourt, Nigeria. It then continued in the offices of Houston, Paris and Lima with the launch of the programme for senior management in the form of an inaugural workshop. The programme then proceeded to three different locations in Kazakhstan: the city of Aktau, Atyrau and the base located at Kuryk. In addition, two new local facilitators were trained and given the task of continuing the activities and ensuring the programme’s expansion. The campaign was then launched in Indonesia, Singapore and, finally, Bucharest.
It will continue into 2014 with numerous events both in Italy and abroad.

By way of testimony to the success of the programme in the first few months, we here provide some of the feedback our facilitators received at the end of the workshop:

I think this workshop is a blessing; it’s the best thing Saipem has offered me. My future will be better and those around me will benefit also because I honestly will Choose Life. Thank You.’ (Odiki Nicholas - SCNL Nigeria)

‘This workshop is very important for creating awareness, educating people and informing employees how to make the right choices. I think after this session my life will be different. My life benefits are a priority now and I will accomplish every target so that I can enjoy my life. Thank You.’ (Pedro Martinez - Houston USA)