Employment and management of local resources

Employing local workers on Saipem projects enriches the diversity of the Company’s workforce and provides young talents from around the world with the opportunity to grow professionally in their native country or overseas. Saipem concretises this commitment through the issuing of scholarships (made possible by relations with local institutions), the setting up of apprenticeship programmes (with a view to increasing a candidate’s opportunities for employment) and the teaching of courses to prepare students to work in the Company (to improve local know-how).

Local Managers

However, classroom and on-the-job training aims not just to increase the number of local employees, but also to promote professional growth and ongoing development of skills. Saipem acknowledges the real opportunity provided by these initiatives, since not only do they provide services of high social value, they also meet the general strategy of efficient and effective human resources management, guarantee the Company’s medium- to long-term presence on the local market and ensure critical professional skills for future projects.

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