Saipem Campaign for Vendor Social Responsibility

Following on from the project initiated in 2011, in 2013 Saipem was once again involved in the campaign to assess compliance with Social Responsibility in its supply chain. Twenty-four vendor operating sites were visited (up 26% compared to 2012), with the aim of gathering information on the conduct of vendors in relation to child and forced labour, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining, remuneration, working hours, discrimination, disciplinary practices and health & safety.

Results of the visits are given in audit reports provided annually to the Sustainability Committee. In areas where criticalities were encountered during audits, Saipem requested a series of improvement measures. By way of continuation of the 2012 campaign, in order to verify the status of the improvement actions proposed, two follow-up meetings were held.

Analysis of the results substantially confirms those of the previous campaigns in 2011 and 2012, with areas for improvement identified mainly in the management of HSE activities and Remuneration. Saipem further confirms that no significant problems were encountered in relation to juvenile labour and forced labour and, generally speaking, there were no instances of discrimination and exploitation, or problems linked with the freedom of association.

The following table summarises the three years of the campaign.

NUMBER OF VISITS201120122013Total
India 10 8 7 25
China 6 6 12 24
South Korea - 2 - 2
Brazil - 2 3 5
Others 1 1 2 4
Total 17 19 24 60