Market scouting

Market Scouting activities are an integral part of the procurement process. The primary objective is to identify vendors of products and services in areas of strategic interest to Saipem, with the aim of expanding and improving project vendor lists.
Market Intelligence (MKTI) analysis typically includes the following:

  • General (macro) knowledge of the socio-economic situation of the country or reference area in question.
  • Market analysis of the vendors in the area (main features, associated risks, and so forth).
  • Definition of a scouting plan based on analysis of the ‘Current Situation’ of Saipem vendors and on-going and future projects, with a strong focus on the vendors of classes of product that are expected to be key for operational activities.

In 2013, an activity was implemented and/or initiated in Brazil, Russia and Mexico with the aim of generating the ‘Current Situation’ and the Country Vendor List (association of classes of products and vendors either already present in the Saipem database or extracted from the external Vendor List).

In summary, the MKTI process involves the following steps:

fasi market scouting

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