Promoting health in local communities

Contributing to the increase in HIV/AIDS awareness in local communities in the Congo

As part of urban community health initiatives, in September 2013 Boscongo participated in the 7th edition of KERSIVAC, the HIV/AIDS prevention fair organised by the CNLS (National Council for the Fight against AIDS) with the assistance of several private companies.
Held annually since 2008, KERSIVAC is striving to educate Congolese youth on issues related to HIV/AIDS. As an organisation monitored by the Presidency of the Republic, the CNLS, established in July 2003, is a strategic stakeholder in all HIV/AIDS activities in the Congo.
With the support of its partners in the private sector, including Boscongo, the CNLS entertained children during the holidays by means of animated stands, shows and fun games.
On September 12 and 13, 2013, an interdepartmental team from Boscongo set up two stands where attendees could test their knowledge on HIV/AIDS and understand the importance of HIV/AIDS related risks.
Prizes were given out after a series of questions and answers to the great satisfaction of the winners. Around 40,000 people visited Boscongo’s two stands. Of the 1,022 people received at the HIV/AIDS screening stand, 1,013 have since picked up their results (Source CNLS).

Festival of Life in Colombia

Petrex SA Colombia has confirmed its commitment to health promotion. In 2013 it organised The Festival of Life, an initiative targeted at local communities and which focused mainly on basic health services. The event was successful due to its easy replication and the deep-rooted alliance with local stakeholders.

Local Context

Many Areas in the south of Bogotá are characterised by a high number of vulnerable people who, due to unemployment and displacement, combined with the low presence and participation of government agencies, have limited access to public health services and education. This scenario generates recurrent respiratory, digestive and skin diseases, as well as incomplete vaccination schedules between communities.

Scope and Objectives

  • To bring basic prevention services to the most vulnerable communities in the areas where the Company operates and thus contribute to improving the quality of life of the beneficiaries.
  • To contribute to the prevention of recurrent diseases (respiratory, digestive, epidermal) in the community.
  • To provide the community with easy access to basic health services (general medicine, oral hygiene, gynaecology and vaccination).

Project description

Two Health Brigades targeted at local communities were held in 2013. The first took place on March 2, in the Tuno neighbourhood south of Bogota, with the Company providing volunteer participation in both medical and logistical support. With the help of the NGO Lions Club and the Community Action Board, a total of 171 beneficiaries, adults and minors, received medical consultation. Drugs were provided by physicians, school kits were given to children and all attendees received lunch.
The second was held on October 23, in the Municipality of Antioquia Yondo, in the area of Rig 5929. A group of 230 people benefited from the initiative, held in conjunction with local stakeholders, both private and government run, such as the Red States Agency for Poverty eradication, the Municipal Health Secretariat and the Municipal Registry. The event consisted of presenting general medicine highlights, oral hygiene best practices, the provision of drugs and the administering of vaccinations.

Building Healthy Families in Colombia

On April 20, 2013, Petrex held the conference ‘Building Healthy Families’ in the city of Yopal.
It was targeted at employees, their families and strategic partners. 140 people attended the event which aimed to raise the awareness of participants of the importance of healthy living through good nutritional practices, grounded in the Company’s ‘Factor H. Family Togetherness’ policy.