Reinforcing responsibility and a sense of ownership

For the 2013 annual Sustainability Plan, ER SAI Caspian Contractor Llc (Ersai), together with several stakeholders from Kuryk village (heads of educational institutions, health sectors, schools, kindergartens, etc.), appointed local people to take charge of the successful implementation of projects (in terms of supervision and monitoring of the execution of activities, verification of results, etc.) and the diffusion of information in relation to each local community initiative that will be launched with the support of Ersai. This has the objective of further involving local stakeholders and making them feel that they participate in and are responsible for the activities conducted, thereby increasing their engagement.

In December 2013, Ersai organised a public meeting in Kuryk village to report on sustainability initiatives carried out within the 2013 Ersai Sustainability Plan and to present the Sustainability Plan for 2014. As regards 2013, presentations were made directly by the abovementioned appointees. The topics discussed were education, pre-school education, environment, social projects, sports and health. In the area of education and pre-school education, school Principals, the Head of the Karakian Department of Education, and the directors of the local kindergarten presented the educational projects carried out together with Ersai and the results achieved. Pictures were used to explain the situation before and after implementation of the projects.

As highlighted during the presentation, in 2013 more attention was given to reinforcing the skills and know-how of teachers and kindergarten employees than to improving education facilities. This was considered a significant step-up in the sphere of education and a good opportunity for Kuryk village in its entirety.

In the area of social initiatives, ‘Women Support Center’ results were presented by the Director of the local NGO involved in the project’s implementation. The presentation included a description of the project, which comprised seminars and handicraft courses such as sewing for women. Results of the survey organised by the Center and information about the support provided in terms of juridical, employment and physiological help were also presented. The Head of the Employment Department of Karakian District, together with one participant from the project, gave a final summary of the results:

  • 5 two-day craft training courses involving 30 women were held;
  • 1 women was employed; - 1 craft fair was conducted and 1 craft shop is due to open;
  • 1 six-day entrepreneurship training course involving 20 young people was held.

Sports initiatives were reported on by the Head of the Karakian Sport Department, while Health initiatives carried out in conjunction with Ersai were presented by the Head of the Kuryk Central Hospital.
At the end of presentation, one respected old resident of Kuryk village positively evaluated Ersai’s performance in 2013. These public meetings have already become a tradition both for Ersai and for Kuryk stakeholders, but this year for the first time all presentations were prepared and delivered by Kuryk citizens.