Cooperating with subcontractors to promote socio-economic development

The first Saipem Kazakhstan Branch (SAKAZ) sustainability meeting with local vendors and subcontractors was held on April 23, 2013 at Saipem’s offices in Atyrau with the participation of SAKAZ Top Management. The meeting was attended by more than 10 key subcontractors.
The main purpose of the meeting was to achieve potential partnership with subcontractors, deliver SAKAZ sustainability results for 2012 and to introduce the plan for 2013. The key focus was on projects where subcontractors can participate, thus maintaining and improving a mutual long-term understanding and trust with vendors and subcontractors that work with and for Saipem Kazakhstan Branch. During the meeting, the Saipem Kazakhstan Branch Manager and QHSE & Sustainability Manager introduced the main principles of SAKAZ’s sustainability policy. KIOS, one of the subcontractors who attended the meeting, decided to cooperate with Saipem Kazakhstan Branch to contribute jointly to the improvement of quality when it comes to teaching technical skills.
On July 11, 2013 it handed over training equipment to Atyrau Oil and Gas Technical College during an official ceremony in accordance with Saipem Sustainability Plan 2013. Specifically, a Mobile Steam Plant (MSP) simulator has been financed and includes laptop, projector, screen and training for the teacher who will use the software. The simulator will provide students with a real work environment in which to improve the professional skills required.