Engaging local stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement

To enhance the positive effects of its relations, Saipem endeavours to render local communities inclusive and participatory, employing dedicated tools, organisational resources and suitable techniques and methodologies, taking into consideration both local characteristics and Client requirements with the aim of ensuring the pervasive and effective engagement of all stakeholders involved.

Typically, engagement is based first and foremost on a detailed mapping process. Subsequently, an appropriate engagement strategy is identified and implemented together with each stakeholder, based on possible expectations, interests and type of involvement.
Finally, activities and results are monitored and assessed to improve this strategy over time. This engagement strategy seeks to be an honest, transparent and fair way to promote the kind of positive and mutually beneficial relationships which Saipem has so successfully built over the years in many parts of the world, thus enabling long-lasting presence and successful implementation of projects and activities.

A sensitive and committed community member

Percentage of total spent

As a sensitive and caring member of the local communities in which it is based, Saipem makes use of its expertise and capacities to implement initiatives for local communities defined together with stakeholders on the basis of an inclusive approach and taking the local context and the nature of Saipem’s local business into consideration.

Initiatives are mainly focused on education and professional qualifications, health and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, environmental awareness, and support for income generation (such as self-entrepreneurship). Management of community initiatives is conducted using specific project management tools, including careful administration of resources and activities, achieved thanks to detailed procedures and an organisation that includes locally based sustainability officers.

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