Local communities

Saipem’s strategy for building relations with local communities is one which aims to deliver mutually beneficial results based on a context-specific and business-driven approach.

Working on various types of projects in so many different places around the world necessarily implies interaction with several different languages, cultures, traditions and beliefs. But Saipem adopts an attitude of mutual respect and constant dialogue wherever it goes. This allows the Company to concretise its commitment to build fruitful relationships with local communities in the places where it operates.
According to the nature of the business it is conducting, and depending on whether one is dealing with a long-term or short-term presence, Saipem drives relations with local communities towards common goals, in accordance with Client needs and the specificities of the context. To achieve this, Saipem avails of an organisation rooted in local communities, including local sustainability officers, regional and country supervisors and a dedicated team at Corporate level. It has also developed a range of appropriate tools to manage relations with local communities.

Creating shared value

For Saipem, working together with local communities and their representatives to enhance the positive effects of the Company’s presence represents an opportunity to perform business in a positive and supportive context. Saipem can attend to its Clients’ demands by drawing on the competence and energy of qualified professionals recruited among local communities around the world and by gaining access to well-organised and trustworthy economic operators from local markets. Saipem adapts this approach to each situation, depending on the nature of the activity conducted and on its presence as a short-term actor or permanent participant in the local socio-economic environment, developing contextspecific strategies to enhance creation of shared value.