Health and Safety Performance

TRIFR (Total Recordable Incident Frequency Rate) in 2013 reached 1.15, in line with the lower target (Min 1.15, Med 1.06, Max 1.00) but higher than the 2012 performance (1.06). However the results obtained for the Lost-Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) showed a significant reduction of around 20% (0.26 for 2013, compared with 0.32 for 2012). A comparison between TRIFR and LTIFR highlights a general reduction in serious accidents but an increase in minor accidents.
Unfortunately during 2013 six fatal accidents in five different events were reported. These involved two subcontractor employees and four Saipem employees. In a single event, two subcontractor employees were crushed during excavation operations. As regards the Saipem employees:

  • one was crushed by a double joint pipe being moved;
  • a second lost his life when the Perro Negro 6 rig sank following the collapse of the seabed;
  • another fell into the sea during operations on the deck of a vessel;
  • and another was electrocuted.
Safety performance
Thorough investigations were conducted for each of these tragic events. In light of the results of the root cause analysis, several measures were planned and implemented. These concerned different and specific corrective actions related to change management, revising corporate procedures and standards, and training and evaluation of competencies. Moreover, dedicated programmes and actions to eliminate fatalities will be developed by Saipem over the forthcoming year.

Saipem’s performance monitoring system includes several leading indicators designed to oversee how health and safety measures are implemented on sites or projects. All leading indicators are continually monitored, analysed and reported internally on a quarterly basis. The trends give useful information not only for the HSE department but also in relation to operations in order to identify areas for improvement.
The performance results of HSE initiatives such as ‘Leadership in Health and Safety’, the ‘Working at Heights Campaign’ and the ‘H-Factor’ exceeded the targets set, thus demonstrating the commitment of senior management to the health and safety of personnel and to the continuous upgrading of the Saipem HSE Management System.




TO IMPLEMENT THE h-factor programme