Saipem’s strategy for energy efficiency

In recent years, Saipem has developed energy efficiency measures mainly resulting from customer requirements, the need for maintenance and local cost saving policies. However, these measures originated from the initiatives of individuals and were not part of an overall vision.

Now, Saipem has moved to a strategic approach in managing energy efficiency which has become a business objective and is considered a driver toward competiveness.

The new strategy can be divided into two main steps:

1. Knowledge: detailed analysis of some of Saipem’s assets, with the aim of understanding better where energy efficiency could be improved.
2. Implementation of technical solutions for improvement, accompanied at all times by awareness and training initiatives.The assets to be evaluated were selected because they showed:

  • criticality in terms of consumption;
  • good levels of knowledge and control;
  • actual possibility of intervention;
  • need for action to comply with regulatory requirements and
  • replicability.

In 2013, appropriate Energy Assessments, in line with ISO 50001:2001 standard ‘Energy Management systems. Requirements with guidance for use’ were carried out on 3 office buildings and on the Saipem 7000 in order to identify critical areas and propose measures to increase their energy efficiency.